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1 Andro Reviews

1-Andro Reviews — My Strange Journey With 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA)

Are you looking for 1-Andro reviews? If Yes, then I hope that this guide can help you. The article is written based on my personal experience with 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA).

Prohormones aren’t going away anytime soon. Rather, some of the tops are only just arriving. Within this review, we would shed more light on one of the very potent, and needless to say, lawful prohormones on the current market, the 1-A1-DHEA.

1-Andro Reviews - My Strange Journey With 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA ...

I want to believe my experience with the product and the research I have done would direct you on all you want to learn about the 1-Andro.

If you’re a professional stylist or you just care about how good you look, at the conclusion of the guide, you ought to be clear on how best to get the most out of the item.

What’s 1-Andro (1-DHEA)?

The compound name is 1-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, so we would simply refer to it from its own abbreviation. 1-DHEA or 1-Andro, whatever you opt to call it, is a prohormone or precursor steroid of 1-testosterone.

It is thought to be a synthetic and orally active AAS. You may wonder what makes its requirement so high. 1-Andro has managed to have minimum side effects despite its high effectiveness. 1-andro also naturally occurs in the body for a metabolite of DHEA.

1-Andro is a non-methylated prohormone, and this accounts for its small to non-existent unwanted effects. Once consumed, the supplement gets the first-pass metabolism by the liver, and it has absorbed into your blood.

Now, it doesn’t get converted to DHT or estrogen; rather, you’ve just testosterone. This particular property of the product has made it stand out of products such as the 4-Andro. Thus, you don’t need to take it with estrogen blockers.

Apart from converting the powerful 1-testosterone in a two-step process, 1-andro also functions as an aromatase inhibitor to prevent some build-up of estrogen. Moving ahead, you can expect great results with its usage.

The Basics Of Muscle Building Consists Protein And Fibers

1-Andro Outcomes

It is usual for anyone to wish to know the results before trying the product out. From what I have observed, people gain anywhere between 5 to 13 pounds of lean muscle within a cycle.

For me personally, I gained about 8 lbs of bulk, which I believed pretty cool since I did not retain any water. More so, since I was just testing it out, I began with a lesser dose, yet it was potent.

You would almost make sure you get results anytime you hit the fitness center. Many users also say they noticed a remarkable growth in their raw strength together with all the 1- Andro.

You would probably also see increased vascularity and muscle fullness, without any soreness. I was happy to receive a few compliments from people 2-3 weeks into my first cycle. 1-Andro is ideal for both cutting and bulking as well.

These go without mentioning that you need to eat healthful, followed by a few heavy training. Opinions remain divided about using PCT following 1-Andro. I did PCT following my cycle since I was excited about optimizing my profits.

1-Andro Negative Effects

In my own experience, I did not have any side effects. However, when I researched, I found out that 1-Andro may be implicated in some kidney and liver toxicity instances in some people.

Other findings included an increase in cholesterol levels. Obviously, it isn’t sensible to use 1-DHEA in pregnancy or breastfeeding, since it might be dangerous at that level. I am not a physician, so you might have to go over with your doctor prior to beginning with it.

I’d recommend that you use a minimal dose of around 100mg for a cycle of 4 to 6 weeks. It’s highly likely you would not be experiencing any of those side effects with this dose.

You can then opt to raise the dosage based upon your needs or your body’s reaction to the supplement.

Dosage Information

I would recommend a dosage of between 100mg to 150mg daily to your cycle, which could be as short as four months or as long as eight months. There’s actually no need to go above 150mg since you could be risking more side effects. I raised my dose slowly to from 100mg to 130mg in my following cycles.

Some people today advise not to take it with meals, stating that you may lose a great portion of your gains. I think anybody goes. Just be sure to complete your everyday dose in the morning and evenings.

The container includes 60 capsules, which may last you 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how you utilize it. Do not forget to read the product label for further instructions.

1-Andro Pros

From the above points, the Benefits of 1-andro at a glance are:

  • Increased bone density
  • Increased lean muscle tissue
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Minimum water retention (no bloating)
  • It does not mess with your libido
  • No gyno, hair loss, or other estrogen-related stuff
  • it’s one of the safest androsterones on the market currently because it doesn’t convert to DHT or estrogen, unlike 4- Andro.
  • It’s cost-effective.

1-Andro Cons

  • It may have steroid-like side effects with much higher doses. Thus, you might feel slight headaches, spine pumps, mood changes, acne, impaired libido, lack of energy, etc..
  • For all those concerned, it is not as anabolic as 4-Andro.
  • If you’re likely to have tested for drugs like an athlete, then it’s ideal to say away from this compound because it might show up in the evaluations.

The Final Verdict

In my experience and from all signs, Ordinarily, I would advise 1-andro to anybody who wants to boost muscle bulk safely but then it’s very left for you to create the final decision on it.

For the record, I think it’s also among the hottest Andro nutritional supplements on the market, and that I consider it one of the very best prohormones I have ever encounter.

I would also advise you to go for great brands in which you can be sure of the quality. For me, I consider it as ideal for your normal bodybuilder who does not wish to go overboard with things.

As more study becomes carried out, I expect 1-Andro to get far more appreciation and do the maximum. I had a great experience with it. 1-andro is definitely a great one.

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does It Operate?

Definitely. You’d gain around 5 to 10 pounds of mass or even more.

How long until I start seeing results?

This varies from person to person. Prohormones might be slower than steroids, but using 1-Andro, you should start noticing changes in the second or third week into the cycle.

Could I take 1-Andro for a beginner?

Yes. So far as you follow all the recommendations and guidelines, you’re good to go.

Can I Want to follow it up with PCT?

Yes. You require a PCT to maximize your profits and decrease side effects if you encounter any.

Can I pile 1-Andro along with other products?

Yes. You are able to comfortably stack 1-Andro along with different supplements with no worries.

Is it lawful?

Yes. For the time being, 1-Andro is quite legal. But, remember that legality surrounding prohormones normally, is lively. So, I’d counsel you to stock up if possible.

Is it secure?

Yes. You need a PCT to optimize your gains and reduce side effects if you encounter any.

Are there any drug interactions?

If you are currently on drugs like chemotherapy, antidepressants, etc.. You should avoid taking 1-Andro. Also, do not take it with stimulants since the blood pressure can skyrocket.