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Liquid Air Wear - 850-937-3475
Liquid Air Wear - 850-937-3475  

Bad embroidery vs. Great embroidery

Our company has been digitizing embroidery in Pensacola for 10 years now and we have Embroidered several thousand logos and have helped many of our customers With their bad embroidery. One of my favorite things to do is to take a customer's logo, create the stitches for it and then present it to them! They are usually in awe as to how it looks. Especially when they have had their logo embroidered before. We are able to recreate their logo to make it much better than it ever was!

Do you ever run into someone who is wearing embroidered shirt but you can't read it? When you try reading their shirt is it obvious that the person wearing it is embarrassed? If so, give them my information! We have had a few of these instances in the last few months! Several of our latest clients have came to us for this exact same reason. One example I can think of was from a referral. The story goes something like this: The two people were attending a local networking event. A lady, whom I know, went up to introduce herself to the man. When she walked up, she had to squint looking at his shirt to try to figure out what it said. The embroidery was terrible. She then asked him what the name of his company. Embarrassed, he covered the embroidery with his hand. She stated to him that she knew someone that could help him with his shirts. She then put the two of us in touch with each other.

I contacted him and we met. A few weeks later we had a sample of his new logo embroidered and ready for his approval. He now proudly wears his embroidered shirts! In fact, he told me Tuesday morning how much he likes the shirts and that he receives compliments on them all the time! What a wonderful thing to be able to help with!

Who do you know that needs a redo of their embroidered shirts?

Close to 9-Mile and Pine Forest in Pensacola. First shop on the right just inside the front door. 

We are located in Pensacola at 9311 Pine Forest Road between Interstate I10 and 9-Mile Road. Come into USA Self Storage and we are the first shop on the right.


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